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With everything you are being asked to give up you would expect to feel like a million dollars afterwards, wouldn't you ?

We can't guarantee that this lifestyle will do anything for you but here are the things that we have observed on ourselves.

  • Within 2 to 4 weeks started to feel better. Some of the pain/symptoms were going away

  • Nasal passages/sinuses cleared up. Nose not constantly stuffy anymore

  • Sense of smell returned

  • Taste buds returned to life after being constantly bombarded with salt before.

    • Can now actually experience the true taste of food

  • Digestive problems (constipation, loose stool, diarrhea, many many trips to the bathroom) due to the change in diet.

    • Your body needs to get used to the new 'good' input and the lack of 'bad' input.

    • It is a good sign not a bad one.  

  • One or more 'Healing Crisis'

  • Weight loss. In Emanuel's case 40 lbs (18kg) over the course of 4 months

  • Intensified pain in old trouble spots

    • With the increased energy available for healing (instead of digesting bad food) the body started house cleaning. It went back into old trouble areas and started repairing. 

    • Temporary Trouble for Long Term Gain

  • Intense sweating at night

    • Body burning up toxins and eliminating them through the skin in the form of sweat

Don't expect smooth sailing doing this but also don't be discouraged by the seeming setbacks (digestive problems, old pain, Healing Crisis). It takes courage and some stamina to do this.

Did you know that a body that has been on the Standard American Diet (SAD) for a long time (several years) might carry between 5 and 50 lbs (2 to 22kg) of feces in the intestines that are not being excreted ? This stuff coming out could explains some of the weight loss Emanuel experienced even though he didn't seem to have a lot of weight to loose to begin with (185lbs - 84 kg at 6'3'' - 189 cm).

For a detailed look at life before and after Life Science see Emanuel's 'One year of Life Science' self assessment.

Buy organic produce


Buy organic produce