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Our bodies need salt (sodium) to function properly. However, most foods found on supermarket shelves that list sodium as an ingredient really contain sodium chloride

Sodium chloride - better known as table salt - is a poison and should not be used for flavoring your food. 4 ounces of table salt (113 grams) used at once is enough to kill you.

The flavor enhancing 'powers' of salt are caused by irritating the taste buds on your tongue. Nice way to enhance the 'flavor' by giving your tongue an inflammation ...

Salt use is also linked to high blood pressure, constipation, indigestion swelling of the glands and skin diseases.

Table salt comes into the body as sodium chloride, travels through the body as sodium chloride and is eliminated as sodium chloride. The body can not metabolize it and transfer it into something useful. If excessive amounts of salt are consumed the body can not eliminate all of it and the 'leftovers' are stored (encapsulated by lots of water) within the body as far away from vital organs as possible.

A diet of fruit and vegetables will supply your body with all the sodium it needs. Some vegetables like celery contain high amounts of 'useable' sodium and are an excellent addition to salad and fruit meals.

Buy organic produce


Buy organic produce