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Besides from a freshly squeezed juice we should only take pure water into our bodies when thirst demands.

The only truly pure water is distilled water.

All other types of 'mineral' water contain inorganic substances that the body can't use and therefore has to eliminate.

Anytime the body needs to eliminate things it can't use it is spending energy that can't be used for regular maintenance such as cell repair and healing.

Compared to all other issues with our diet (food combining, substances to avoid) this is  probably a minor issue, but if you are in dire straights with your health it is one more area were you can make improvements.

Drinking 8 glasses of water a day is certainly not necessary if your diet consists mostly of fruits and vegetables. To the contrary, the body has to eliminate anything that is taken in excess. The body needs a small amount of water to carry out its normal activities. Anything in excess of what is needed for normal housekeeping has to be eliminated via the kidneys and your bladder, placing an unnecessary load on these organs.

Listen to this article on National Public Radio about Medical Myth or read the full article in the British Medical Journal about drinking 8 glasses of water a day.

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Buy organic produce


Buy organic produce