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Proper Food Combining

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One of the most overlooked and ignored areas in preventing health deterioration and restoring health is the combining of food.

Humans today eat foods in all kinds of incompatible combinations that ultimately results in toxic accumulations in the body up to and including cancer.

There are physiological, biological and chemical laws that govern the digestion of different food substances. Unfortunately we are never taught about these laws.

Consequently we don't pay attention to the combinations of food we eat. If it looks good and tastes good it goes on our plate and into our stomach.

Unfortunately the stomach is not a black box where you put things in on one end and they come out on the other and you don't have to worry what happens in between.

There is a reason why the abbreviation for Standard American Diet is SAD . That's how your body feels after you eat a traditional meal like Steak & Potatoes.

It is of utmost importance to consciously choose the foods you eat together at one meal.

The food combining rules can seem intimidating. We'll try to brake them down into two packages

Food Combining and Digestion

Food Combining Made Easy

Food Combining Charts

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The Golden Rule: 'The easier the meal - the better you feel'

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