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If you read the page about proper food combining you know by now that traditional Pizza is a 'deadly' combination of ingredients that doesn't digest properly in your stomach.

The crust is a starch that is almost always made with wheat flour (gluten problem). The cheese toping is a concentrated protein. Starches and Proteins at the same time don't digest, they ferment and rot.

The acids in the tomato sauce also inhibit the digestion of the starches. Hence the alternative name for Pizza - 'Cancer Pie' .

But since we love Pizza just as much as everybody else we tried to come up with a harmless variation of Pizza that you can enjoy once in a while:

  • Get the gluten free pizza crust from Cause You're Special and fix it in the oven

  • Cut up some avocados and mash or blend them into a smooth paste

  • Steam your favorite vegetables, e.g. broccoli, cauliflower, green beans

  • Sautee some mushrooms

  • Cut some fresh cucumber and red pepper

  • Spread the avocado paste on the baked pizza crust

  • Add your steamed and fresh veggies

  • Enjoy an almost 'healthy' delight


Buy organic produce


Buy organic produce