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How long does it take to digest ?

Organic Fruits for a Healthy Life

Proper food combining is important. It is also important not to eat more food while your previous meal has not yet left the stomach. The process of digestion is not completed at that point in time (it continues in the intestines) but it is safe to eat again.

How long to wait before eating again ?

  • 20 minutes after eating melons

  • 1 hour after eating all other types of fruits

  • 3 hours after eating concentrated starches (e.g. salad and baked potato)

  • 4 hours after eating concentrated proteins (e.g. salad with nuts or salad with fish/meat)

  • Improperly combined food (Steak and Potato, Hamburger and French Fries) might take up to 12 hours to leave the stomach


Buy organic produce


Buy organic produce