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Garlic and Onions

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Garlic and Onions are natural pesticides. They are so potent that they will kill 5 different types of mosquito larvae when used in very small concentrations.

Great to get the bugs out of the way but if the ingredients are so toxic to other living organisms wouldn't it be reasonable to assume that these same ingredients have very detrimental effects on the human body ?

Garlic and Onion contain considerable amounts of allicin and mustard oil, both of which are irritants to the human body.

Why does the body smell bad when you eat garlic/onion ?

When garlic is introduced into your body the system recognizes it as a potent poison. The body will do anything it can to expel the poison as quickly as possible. It dilates the capillaries (blood vessels) in the body to push the toxin out quickly. This process results in the supposed health benefit of low blood pressure associated with garlic consumption.  The whole system (lungs, skin, blood vessels) is so busy trying to expel the toxin that this vital energy is not available for other vital housecleaning chores, i.e. cell repair and debris removal. 

Buy organic produce


Buy organic produce