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Foods We are Designed to Eat

Organic Fruits for a Healthy Life

Humans are fruit eaters, or so called frugivores. Think back a few hundred thousands years. Humans didn't have any clothing, they did not have any tools for hunting and they didn't know about fire to cook food.

The only thing they could have been eating was fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds that grew on the land.

We have changed what we eat over the last thousands of years but that doesn't mean that our digestive system has adapted to cope with every substance (and combination of substances) that we put into our bodies.  The following lists show the foods that our digestive system is made to handle.

Fruits (raw, organic and non processed)

Sweet fruits
Bananas Figs Persimmons Dried fruits
Cantaloupe Honeydew Watermelon Carob
Subacid Fruits
Apples Pears Peaches Nectarines
Mangoes Papayas Apricots Blueberries
Grapes Cherries Asian Pears Plums
Kiwis Raspberries    
Acid Fruits    
Oranges Grapefruits Strawberries Pineapples
Lemons Limes Blackberries Currant
Pomegranate Tangerines

The distinction between sweet , subacid and acid is important for proper food combining

Avoid Cranberries. They contain considerable amounts of malic and benzoic acid.


Besides from fruits, vegetables are your second most important nutritional source. Most of them can  be eaten raw. At most they should be steamed (10 minutes max. for Broccoli and Cauliflower) or baked (acorn squash)

Lettuce Avocado Acorn Squash Artichokes
Celery Carrots Green Beans Snow Peas
Broccoli Cucumbers Brussels Sprouts Tomatoes
Cauliflower Kohlrabi Eggplant Kale
Zucchini Bok Choy Sweet Peppers (Red, Orange, Yellow) Cabbage

Proteins (Nuts and Seeds)

Almonds Brazil Nuts Cashews Pumpkin Seeds
Pecans Pistachios Pine Nuts Sunflower Seeds
Walnuts  Macadamia Millet Quinoa

Avoid Peanuts. They are a legume, i.e. a concentrated protein/starch combination which should be avoided according to the food combining rules.

Only get RAW organic nuts and seeds. If the nuts/seeds have been dry roasted (and most often salted) most of their nutrient value is lost.

Nuts and seeds are concentrated proteins. They should be eaten with a salad lunch or salad dinner. They are not a good snack item because of the long digestion time (4 hours).


Brown Rice Potatoes Yams
Corn Chestnuts    

Avoid white rice. It is bleached and therefore laden with chemicals

Buy organic produce

Ideally you want to get as much of this food organically grown in order to avoid the chemicals and pesticides associated with conventional farming methods.

Buy organic produce