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Detailed Food Combining Rules

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  1. Avoid concentrated starches and concentrated proteins together

    Examples: Meat and Potatoes, Fish and Rice, Cereal and Milk, Hamburger on a bun, Cheeseburger,  Hotdog on a bun, Chicken and French Fries, Macaronis and Cheese, Pizza

    WHY ?

  2. Avoid concentrated starches and acid foods together

    Examples: Potatoes and Tomatoes, Rice and Tomatoes, Carrots and Tomatoes

  3. Avoid two concentrated proteins together

Examples: Surf and Turf (fish and meat), Nuts and Cheese, Meat and Cheese, Meat and Milk, Nuts and Milk, Milk and Eggs, Eggs and Cheese (Omelets)

This would also mean that you shouldn't eat two different types of nuts at the same time. However, different types of nuts are a lot more similar in their internal structures as are fish and nuts. If you don't have any digestive troubles different types of nuts at one meal are probably o.k. If you have digestive problems already eat only one type of nuts at a meal.

WHY ? 

  1. Avoid fats and proteins together

Examples: Cream, butter or oil together with meat, eggs or fish. Nuts and avocados, Cheese and Nuts, Cheese and Avocado

  1. Use only little amounts of fat 

Eating too much fat results in digestive problems. Fat hinders the production of digestive juices. Animal fats like butter should be avoided completely. Plant based fats (nuts & avocados) should be eaten together with raw, green, leafy vegetables (lettuce, celery) to aid in their digestion

  1. Avoid acid fruits and concentrated proteins together

Examples: Oranges and Nuts, Strawberries and Meat, Grapefruits and Avocados

  1. Avoid sweet fruits and starches or sweet fruits and proteins together

Examples: Banana crepes, Bananas and Nuts, Banana pancakes

  1. Avoid two concentrated starches together

Examples: Rice and Potatoes, Sweet corn and Potatoes, Squash and Artichokes

  1. Combine acid fruits with subacid fruits

Examples: Kiwis and Apples, Strawberries and Pears, Strawberries and Blueberries

  1. Combine subacid fruits with sweet fruits

Examples: Bananas and Apples, Figs and Pears, Bananas and Mangoes

  1. Avoid sweet fruits and acid fruits together

Examples: Bananas and Strawberries, Figs and Kiwis, Bananas and Oranges, Grapefruits and Persimmons

  1. Combine fruits only with lettuce and celery

All fruits (except melons) combine very well with lettuce and celery

  1. Eat melons by themselves

Melons do not combine well with any other food. They should be eaten by themselves. They also have a very short digestion time.

  1. Combine salads with proteins or salads with starches

Green leafy salads (Romaine, BIb lettuce, Boston lettuce) combine very well with vegetables and starches OR proteins.

  1. Avoid tomatoes and starches

Examples: Tomatoes and Potatoes, Tomatoes and Carrots, Tomatoes and Rice

This is not a perfect science. Try your best but don't loose any sleep over it. A healthy body can cope with incorrectly combined food if it doesn't happen on a regular basis. Besides, the healthier your body gets the more you will notice the effects of eating incorrectly combined food Smiley Face

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Buy organic produce