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Condiments & Seasonings

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Condiments are items that are used to modify the flavor or taste of a food primarily to make it more  appealing.

Commonly used Condiments



Mustard Ketchup Hot Peppers (Jalapenos)




Salad Dressing


Soy Sauce


Problems with Condiments

  1. They are irritants to the body and cause inflammation of the taste buds. The body has to spent energy to eliminate the irritant. 

  2. They can only be used in small quantities. You could never eat a whole meal made out of salt and pepper. 4 ounces of salt eaten at once will kill you.

  3. They disguise the natural flavor of the food

  4. They have no nutritional value

If you burnt your hand on a hot stove you wouldn't stick it back to get some more stimulation,
would you ?

Why then do people think they are tough or cool when hot pepper (or some other spice) burns your mouth so badly that you feel you ought to drink a bucket of water afterwards ?

When our body says 'hot, hot, hot' that body signal means danger - keep out and not 'put more into me'. 

Our body is full of infinite wisdom. Listening to the warning signs it sends might be the smart thing to do.

Buy organic produce


Buy organic produce